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We are blessed to have an amazing team and consider it a privilege to serve as part-time or full-time staff.  We are regularly seeking individuals to help us fulfill our mission and advance the Kingdom of God.



Our Leadership Culture

We strive to create a staff culture of integrity, team work, and openness, where people have the opportunity to  learn, and grow in both their inner life (their journey with God) and their outer life (their skills and role in the organization). In addition to the 5 Ms, our staff embraces these 5 leadership values:

Deep Personal Formation

Demonstrated by…

  • Intentionally ordering our lives under our Rule of Life/Pastoral Rule of Life.
  • Seeing and living out the connection between our personal formation and our work performance (soul and role).
  • Leading out of our marriage or singleness.
  • Choosing to be a life-long learner, developing our area of leadership.

Emotional Health

Demonstrated by…

  • A growing fluency in Emotionally Healthy language, skills, practices, and concepts.
  • Listening well, seeking first to understand before being understood.
  • Speaking clearly, directly, honestly, respectfully, and in a timely manner.
  • Consistently clarifying expectations. 

Healthy Team Unity

Demonstrated by…

  • Supporting each other by acting for the good of our whole church with the fulfillment of our mission in mind, no matter what our position.
  • Speaking up about elephants in the room.
  • Celebrating, appreciating, and spotlighting other ministries.
  • Respectfully approaching people about concerns and puzzling issues.

Prudent Leadership

Demonstrated by…

  • Taking the time to offer high-quality work in all that we do (teaching, design, counseling, communications).
  • Taking initiative to solve problems that we see.
  • Regularly mobilizing others to serve and lead within our community.
  • Taking responsibility for our decisions and actions and learning from our mistakes.

Cultivation of Joy

Demonstrated by…

  • Autonomy: Empowering others and trusting them to make important decisions on behalf of the organization. Giving others the freedom to fail and make mistakes.
  • Mastery: Working to create an environment where everyone can grow in their gifts and skills and thrive at the very top of their potential.
  • Purpose: Dreaming big–dreaming God’s dreams for our community–and empowering others to do the same.
  • Fun: Creating fun, loose, and celebratory environments.


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New Life Fellowship Community Life Administrative Assistant

The Community Life Administrative Assistant must be detail oriented for tasks such as database management, communications, assisting event planning, promoting and execution of events. Able to take initiative in problem-solving and is able to recruit and lead volunteers.

Your responsibilities would be to:

  1. Attend scheduled staff and meetings with your supervisor.
  2. Be a liaison between the Community Life Team, administrative and facilities team, regarding support for Pathway events, Small Groups and Communities.
  3. Events: Use the NLF HUB to help manage Community Life Team calendar, create necessary event forms, record and update
    attendance at Community Life events, send follow-up thank you emails.
  4. Order and purchase food for events pertaining to Pathway classes/courses and Community Life meetings/events.
  5. Other responsibilities, as detailed in the job description.

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New Life CDC Executive Director

In 8 years New Life CDC has more than tripled its budget in service to the local Elmhurst and Corona community and Queens, NYC. Neighborhood impact has also grown with most recent recognition from NY City Council and the Queens Borough President. The mission is to provide relief, cultivate restoration and model reinvestment among the poor and marginalized as a demonstration of the love of God. In its 25th year of operation, the organization is looking to fill the Executive Director role to position itself for greater impact and empowerment of its guests, volunteers and partners.

Your responsibilities would be to:

  1. Understand local neighborhood demographics†and trends in the community and among low-income population
  2. Document and articulate 3-5 year strategic direction of organization while preserving mission and values.
  3. Lead staff and key volunteers through strategic planning and execute accordingly.
  4. Provide staff oversight hiring performance compensation evaluation for organizational health and productivity.
  5. Oversee and evaluate program operations or organizational partnerships to ensure 3R values are preserved with high quality and efficiency.
  6. Develop and execute expansion plans in locations with a NLF congregational presence.
  7. Strengthen fundraising capacity by growing individual donor base and increasing revenue from corporations foundations local businesses and city and state government.
  8. Expanding marketing operations social media print local partnerships etc to increase awareness of New Life CDC programming in the neighborhood Report to the New Life CDC Board and serve on the New Life Fellowship Executive Team. Attend New Life Fellowship staff meetings.

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New Life CDC Director of Development

In 8 years, New Life CDC has more than tripled its budget as the organization has continued to serve the local Elmhurst and Corona community and Queens. Neighborhood impact has also grown with most recent recognition from NY City Council and the Queens Borough President… In its 25th year of operation, the organization is looking to position itself for greater impact and empowerment of its guests, volunteers and partners. Included in this strategic positioning is the establishment of the Director of Development role.

Your responsibilities would be to:

  1. Work with the Executive Director to ensure financial sustainability of the direction of the organization as set by the Executive Director and the Board of Directors.
  2. In coordination with the Executive Director, articulate the vision, mission and direction of the organization.
  3. Design and execute a sustainable short term and long term development plan.
  4. Design and execute a program to grow number of individual donors and maintain relationships through updates, thank you’s and gifts.
  5. Strategically and methodically diversify revenue streams beyond individual donations and corporate matching. Increase revenue from the following sources: social media crowdfunding, private corporations, private foundations, government agencies, local businesses and internal revenue from New Life CDC programs
  6. Execute the hosting of an annual fundraising gala with net proceeds of at least $100,000.
  7. Hire and evaluate development staff as required.
  8. Provide a quarterly report of financial health of the organization and progress of the development plan. Provide financial reporting as needed or as requested by the Executive Director.

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New Life CDC Success Groups Grant Writer

The primary role of the Grant Writer is to secure grant funding for Success Groups project expenses. The secondary role is to assist the Executive Director in strengthening the marketing and fundraising models of the Success Groups project.  The New Life CDC Success Groups (SG) project empowers families to rise out of poverty while leveraging the power of community. It is based on the Family Independence Initiative (FII) model of economic mobility found in 7 U.S. cities. Success Groups launched in NYC in 2016 and is proving to be a responsible and sustainable model for the empowerment of low-income families in urban settings. The project is data-driven, community-oriented and financially efficient.  This role could be a part-time or full-time position.

Your responsibilities would be to:

  1. Perform required research to establish and/or grow relationships with foundations or government agencies interested in funding the Success Groups model
  2. Get familiar with SG model; write and submit grants to cover project expenses
  3. Provide weekly report of progress and priorities
  4. As required, attend cohort meetings and interview Success Groups members
  5. Create awareness of SG model through electronic, print or social media
  6. Establish/grow individual or business donor relationships to fund resource hub or family sponsorships
  7. Other tasks required to fulfill responsibilities

Learn more – View/Download Job Posting

New Life CDC Success Groups Liaison

Success Groups is a project based on a model found in 7 other U.S. Cities and initiated by the Family Independence Initiative. The Success Groups project releases funding to individuals and families as a means of empowering them to overcome financial and professional challenges. The Success Groups Liason serves as the New Life CDC staff representative to the Success Groups families.

This position is part-time employment at 8 to 15 hours per week. Training is provided.

Your responsibilities would be to:

1. Success Groups staff MUST refrain from instructing families on how to plan for or achieve goals (financial, educational, health, etc.). Violation of this requirement is possible grounds for termination.
2. Lead/ execute info sessions until the desired number of cohorts is formed.
3. Attend cohort meetings in order to take detailed notes.
4. Perform quarterly audits to ensure correct data and capture goals of cohort members.
5. Be well versed in Success Groups/ FII technology especially journaling and analytics.
6. Be well versed in Resource Hub processes.
7. Other tasks required to fulfill responsibilities.

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