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Christmas Offering

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2023 Goal $550,000 by December 31, 2023


New Life Fellowship Church ​


Emotionally Healthy Discipleship


New Life CDC

A Message from Pastor Rich​

Dear New Lifer: Every year we take the last 6-8 weeks of the year to focus our attention on our Christmas Offering. This offering has enabled us to advance the mission of New Life in remarkable ways not possible without it. Over the years this Christmas offering has helped us make significant improvements to our building for the sake of ministry. It has helped us prepare for a new congregation that currently worships in Long Island. It has helped us serve poor and overlooked families and individuals in Elmhurst-Corona through our CDC. It has helped us serve churches and pastors towards deep spiritual formation through Emotionally Healthy Discipleship. As we come to this significant annual moment in the life of our church family, I’m excited to share the big picture of our offering with you.

This year’s offering is oriented around three important milestones in the history of our church: 10, 20, and 100.


The number 10 represents the years since our founding Pastor, Pete Scazzero, transitioned the role of lead pastor of New Life Fellowship to me. Our church, over the last 10 years, has had to wrestle through several national and global events that have divided and damaged local churches. The health and vibrancy of our church at this milestone is a significant point of celebration.


The number 20 represents the anniversary of the purchase of our building, also known as the Elks Lodge. This Christmas season we celebrate the provision of God, enabling us not only to purchase this historic building but also giving us the means to renew it for his purposes.


Finally, the number 100 represents the anniversary of the Elks Lodge. The building where we worship was completed in 1923. I can’t help but think of the significance of this year as we step into our next year of ministry as a local congregation.

These three numbers represent three important words that have marked our community:


New Life Fellowship has a storied history. Since 1987, we have seen many ups and downs, but one thing is true: God has graced us with the gift of stability. The 10 years since a momentous leadership transition, as well as the larger commitment to deep transformation, have yielded profound fruit in the life of our congregation.


The 20 years of service, since we purchased the building, have led to significant opportunities to serve thousands of people. Leaders have been trained and sent forth on mission. Young people have been led to life in Christ. Families have been reconciled through the work we’ve done in the various rooms of 8210 Queens Blvd. The poor have been lovingly served and seen.


To steward something is to wisely and carefully manage a possession or property in a way that honors the owner. We believe that God is the owner of all things, including the Elks Lodge we worship in. The 100th anniversary of the Elks Lodge reminds us that the work of maintaining and creating beauty for the sake of serving others is something God has entrusted to us.

This Christmas Offering, in addition to resourcing the ministries that fuel our mission (e.g. NextGen, Community Life, Sunday Worship, etc.), we are looking to deepen our commitment in the following three areas:

    • Establish greater stability for our New Life East congregation on Long Island, helping that part of our congregation to find a new home for worship and community life that meets the needs we have for a growing church.
    • Resource our New Life Community Development Corporation and Emotionally Healthy Discipleship towards greater service to marginalized neighbors and churches around the world.
    • Continue to steward the ministry space God has entrusted to us in the Elks Lodge, by repairing and reimagining areas within our building for the sake of mission.

This year’s goal is to reach $550,000 by December 31, 2023. All donations made after Thanksgiving will go towards this Christmas Offering. Over the years, because of your generosity, we have met and exceeded our goals. I am so thankful for your faithfulness. Here we are again with an opportunity to do the same!

For thirty-six years, we have been a blessed church community. We have a committed and generous congregation, a wonderful staff team, wise and godly elders, and a strong sense of who God has called us to be.

Please review the details below for more about our vision and ways to give. Then, pray and ask God how you are to participate. The potential impact on thousands of lives is very exciting!

In prayer and partnership,

Pastor Rich


New Life Fellowship Church

As part of our commitment to our missional values:

We will continue to support our Long Island congregation, New Life East, as it searches for a new place to gather and worship.

Repair and reimagine areas within our building, like upgrading the upper stage room, obtaining the proper permits to enable the medical clinic to be certified, and upgrading our remaining bathrooms. Funds from the Christmas Offering will enable us to make these improvements while continuing the ministry work at New Life Elmhurst and New Life East.

We will strengthen our congregation in Elmhurst by resourcing the ministries that fuel our mission (NextGen, Community Life, Sunday Worship, etc…).

Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

Our mission is to transform church culture through the multiplication of deeply changed leaders and disciples. As part of that commitment, in 2024, we will move deeper and wider in the following ways:

EHD INTENSIVE COHORT FOR PASTORS: In January 2024 we will begin our second 18-month intensive cohort of 17-19 pastors & spouses to deepen their personal discipleship and leadership. This hand-selected group includes several leaders from around the world; Bulgaria, Africa, and Australia, as well as ministry leaders from North America who will be supported through scholarships.

SCHOOL OF EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY LEADERSHIP: a 16-week spiritual formation experience designed for pastors and leaders and raising “Point Leaders in Training” to lead and teach the EHD Course in their denominations/movements/networks. We will scholarship select leaders from Latin America & urban centers in North America to multiply the EHD Course within their denomination and country.

GLOBAL EXPANSION: Your support continues to nurture and expand the growing movement of EHD around the world – particularly in Latin America, Africa, Latin America, UK/Europe, Asia/Australia). We continue the important work of translating all our resources into Spanish (e.g. website, training materials, e-books). This growing treasure chest of materials enables us to more effectively mentor Latino church leaders in North and South America who serve the 440 million Spanish speakers worldwide.


New Life CDC

2024 will mark the 30th Anniversary of New Life CDC. In our ongoing community development efforts, we will seek new and deepening relationships with local students and families who continue to overcome the trauma and ongoing financial effects of the pandemic as well as many newly arrived asylum seekers and migrant families to bring relief, restoration, and reinvestment on pathways toward more flourishing:

We will continue to integrate service and relationships between and across NLCDC programs. We will invite each neighbor, volunteer and supporter to find opportunities to strengthen our community with added layers of connection. The more fully we know each other, the more fully we can help each other reach our dreams, meet our needs and fulfill our potential.

We will continue to deepen partnerships and collaborations with local schools, shelters and nonprofits to see, meet and serve neighbors in the most relevant ways in their most critical needs. We are grateful for the growing fruit of trust where our presence and participation in this work confronts the cycles of poverty that can continue across generations.

We will continue to center the voices of our community. We will continue to listen for and value the voices of our neighbors as we seek to understand and meet emerging community needs.