New Life Fellowship has created a guide to answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions regarding reopening.

This page was last updated on January 28, 2021


For the time being, we are pausing our in-person services. As COVID cases continue to rise in our area, we feel it’s the best way to keep our community safe. We will be meeting exclusively online for the start of 2021. We will assess where things are and discern how to move forward in the next few weeks.

When will New Life reopen the building?

We don’t know yet.  For the start of 2021, we are pausing all in-person services. In the next few weeks, we will assess how to move forward in the coming months.

How many attendees will be allowed in the building?

When we return to in person services, we will adhere to local safe physical distancing guidelines set forth by our city and state representatives. Our services will be open to 100 guests each week.  You must register in advance to attend.  Please understand that due to our limited capacity for in-person services, not everyone will be able to register.

Do I need to register to attend the service?

Yes, we want your experience to be as safe and smooth as possible.  To allow the most people a chance to attend a service this Fall/Winter, we will be inviting a different small group of people each week by email. You will have the chance to register starting on the Tuesday leading up to Sunday service and until Thursday or when we reach our capacity of 100 guests, whichever comes first. For everyone’s safety, we will not be able to admit those who did not register in advance.  If you plan to attend, we recommend you register early.

Can I bring my family with me?

Yes. When you register you may attend with up to 3 family members (ages 12 and up).  No infants or children under 12 will be permitted. Note that we will not be offering any middle school ministry in the building.

We will do our best to seat your party together, but, note that in order to adhere to our safety protocols, you may be seated separately.  If you prefer to be seated apart, we ask that you submit separate registrations.

What if I’m not comfortable coming to a service yet?

That is okay! We know everyone has a different level of comfort, so please do what you feel is best for you and your family.

Will the online experiences you’ve created still be available?

Absolutely! We will continue to offer a high quality live streaming experience.  Most of us will continue to engage our worship services online, as we have been doing. New Life staff and leaders will continue to be available for prayer and connection in our virtual prayer and lobby spaces.

What if I’m not feeling well?

Please read the NYC Health Factsheet and self-screen at home. If you have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, stay home and worship with us online.

What will the service be like?

All the things you’re used to in our weekend service will still be there—dynamic live worship, a great message with personal application, and friendly faces! But, in order to ensure that everyone is safe, things will be different. You will be asked to sign up for a check-in time before service and you will be dismissed in sections to prevent crowds from forming at our designated entrance and exit. We will maintain social distancing within the building. We will offer hand-sanitizing stations, require face masks to be worn by those in the congregation, and we will shorten our service time to 60 minutes.

How are the facilities being cleaned and prepared for worship services?

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available at entries and exits as well as throughout the building.
  • Our services and guest interactions will be intentionally touch-free (e.g., no hugs or hand-shakes for now, we will not pass an offering bag, etc…).
  • Per state guidelines, there will be more empty space between parties seated in the sanctuary.
  • Extensive cleaning and disinfecting procedures will take place before, during, and after every service.
  • Air conditioners will be turned on during service. Filters are cleaned and replaced regularly. Windows will be open to allow for better airflow during the service.
  • We will gather data and feedback from those attending services to help us strengthen our procedures.

Am I required to wear a mask during services?

All attendees are required to wear their masks at all times in the building.  Note: Worship leaders and speakers are not required to wear masks while on stage, but are expected to wear their masks at all other times.

What if I need to use the handicap elevator?

If anyone in your group needs to use the handicap elevator, notify the Wednesday before your visit. We will make arrangements for you to access the elevator upon your arrival.

Can I still receive prayer at the service?

There will not be any prayer ministry or fellowship in the building on Sunday. We will continue to offer our virtual prayer and virtual lobby spaces for those seeking prayer and fellowship with our leaders.

Can I still give my tithe or offering during the service?

We prefer that you continue to give online at  However, if that is not an option for you, we will have giving boxes available in the back of the sanctuary and on the 1st level.

How will you handle communion?

If your Sunday worship in-person gathering falls on the 1st Sunday of the month and you wish to participate in corporate communion, we invite you to bring your own communion elements.

Will the church be open for other activities during the week?

No.  For the time being, our church will not be open to other church gatherings during the week.

What is the plan for New Life Students and New Life Kids Ministries?

At this time, we will only offer students and kids ministry online.

What about church gatherings off-site, like my small group?

Small groups will continue to meet off-site.  For the most part, groups which have been gathering via Zoom will continue to hold events and meetings virtually.  We will advertise any off-site or outdoor community gatherings in the fall during our Sunday services or on our website.

How long will the limited capacity be enforced?

The short answer is, we just don’t know yet. We will be gathering for 4 consecutive Sundays starting on September 20. For the time being, we will limit capacity to ensure the health and well-being of our congregation, staff, volunteers, and communities. If all goes well, we may raise the permitted occupancy for in-person worship services and in accordance with local government regulations.

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