Message: “CDC Sunday: Shalom of the City and the Shalom of Self” from Redd Sevilla


Sunday Sermons

CDC Sunday: Shalom of the City and the Shalom of Self

Redd Sevilla - October 27, 2019

We put a pause on our regular series in order to make room for New Life CDC Sunday. This Sunday we highlight the work of our CDC (community development corporation) among the poor and marginalized. Jeremiah 29:1-14 God gives the people of God the mandate to seek the shalom (peace and prosperity) of the city. He says if the city does well, His people will do well. Sadly, this mandate is easily drowned out by the shalom of the self. In Jeremiah 29, God shows how he moves his people toward the pursuit of shalom for all.

2019-10-27 Sermon Questions

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