Message: “A True Taste of Heaven: Gentleness, Kindness and the Fruit of the Spirit ” from Rosy Kandathil


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A True Taste of Heaven: Gentleness, Kindness and the Fruit of the Spirit 

Rosy Kandathil - August 4, 2019

Gentleness and kindness are manifestations of the fruit of the spirit, the outward evidence of Christ dwelling within us (Gal 5:22-23). But in a city legendary for its toughness and grit, where gentleness is more commonly seen as a liability and kindness despised as weakness, what does it mean to embrace and embody this fruit of the spirit in reality?  Although it might be easy to embrace Paul’s list of love, joy and peace on a superficial level, to express fruit-forward mature lives of the Spirit requires repentance and radical Christian imagination. In today’s sermon, we will together contemplate this fruit of the Holy Spirit, renew our desire for its sweetness, and consider ways to offer such authentic goodness as Paul preaches into a world—and church—desperate for gentleness and kindness.

2019-08-04 Sermon Questions

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