What you can expect from us

  • A well-prepared Point Person who is a teacher, modeling and leading a high-quality experience for you
  • A well-trained Table Leader who will lead a group of 7-9 people. This person will serve as a welcoming, safe presence to guide you through specific parts of the workbook and sharing time.
  • We will begin and end each of the 8 sessions on time, starting at 7pm and ending at 9:30pm.

What we expect from you


Part 1: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS) requires reading one chapter a week and using the Day by Day devotional several times a week.

Part 2: Emotionally Healthy Relationships (EHR) requires pre-session reading in the workbook, practice of the skill you learned during the week, and use of the Day by Day devotional several times a week.


Review all the dates. It is important that you miss no more than one session. If you know you will miss more than one session, wait until the next time the Course is offered.


To learning and growing: Discipleship is an ongoing process of deeper personal change, healing and spiritual maturity as measured by our growth in love.

Next Steps


Get your materials & review them

Clear your schedule for

Part 1: EHS

Jan 2022 Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Part 2: EHR

Fall 2021 Emotionally Healthy Relationships

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