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2019 Goal $500,000 by December 31, 2019

New Life Fellowship

What’s next for New Life? Over the course of our 32 years we have been blessed as a church community – we have a committed and generous congregation, a wonderful staff team, and a strong sense of who God has called us to be. But still, we wonder…what’s next? How do we take the gift of New Life and deepen our missional commitment to New York City and the next generation of leaders? In other words, how do we live a life on mission, as a church and as individuals? As we look to the future, we believe God is giving us greater clarity as to what this might look like.

Wherever you are on the journey, we are all called to be on mission – whether in our workplace or neighborhood, or elsewhere. Wherever you find yourself, we as a church want to be a community committed to equipping and releasing you As You Go.

Our goal is simple – to listen to Him, be open and be prepared.

New Life CDC

Reimagine a local neighborhood where no one goes to sleep hungry. Reimagine a local community where children have access to academic enrichment and affordable health care. Reimagine a local area where the poor and marginalized are empowered to rise above their present struggle. Reimagine an even greater Queens and NYC.

For the past 25 years at New Life CDC, the work of reimagining has also compelled us to reinvest. We feed the hungry. We mentor children. We care for the sick. We empower the poor. Close to 4000 unique individuals have been positively impacted in 2019. And we press on since the year is not over.

This work is possible because we reinvest together. Reimagine what 2020 could look like if we continue in this meaningful effort.

Thank you for reimagining and reinvesting with us. Your giving to the Christmas Offering will benefit the Boosters After School Program, our Community Health Center and Success Groups.

Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

As part of our contribution to the global church, we will strengthen our capacity to support our partner churches with Emotionally Healthy Discipleship content by:

Translate our emotionallyhealthy.org website & free support resources into Spanish to support the introduction of both parts of the EH Discipleship Course in Spanish.

Video & Distribute Level 2 Training for EHD Course Point Leaders and Table Leaders to over 730 churches worldwide currently to equip them with tools to embed the core values of EH Discipleship deeply in their church.

Publish the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality course in Ghana, West Africa.

A Message From Pastor Rich

Dear New Lifer,

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Truly, we have much to be thankful for!

I also pray that this letter finds you in joyful and wondrous anticipation this Advent season.

In our early days, we sent out leaders to form New Life church plants in NYC. As we saw the need to serve the poor and immigrant communities in our neighborhood, we sent out leaders to local parks to provide medical services. Throughout our history as a church, we have sent leaders throughout our city to form small groups for the sake of connection and discipleship. Every year—through a commissioning service—we send our congregation to their places of work to be the presence of Jesus, working for the shalom of the city.

At New Life, we must continue to hold onto this ancient calling. Our responsiveness to this calling from Jesus will determine the short term and long term impact of our church in our city, as well as our own personal life in God.

To that end, this Christmas Offering is for the purpose of helping us continue this “Season of Sending.”

God has entrusted our New Life community with three large missional components: 1. Our Local Church, 2. New Life CDC, 3. Emotionally Healthy Discipleship.

In each of these areas, we are looking to take the next step of being sent on mission. This Christmas offering positions us to do just that.

This year’s goal is to reach $500,000 by December 31, 2018. All donations made after Thanksgiving will go towards this Christmas Offering.

Please review this page for more about our vision and ways to give. Then, pray and ask God how you are to participate. The potential impact on thousands of lives is very exciting.

In prayer and partnership,

Pastor Rich

The $500,000 breaks down as follows:


For New Life ministries (small groups, kids and youth ministries, church planting, etc.)


For our “Preparation Fund”


For the strengthening of New Life CDC

Ways to Give

TEXT AMOUNT (EX: $1,000) 
TO (646) 846-9555 


Or drop it off on a Sunday using a giving envelope. Make checks payable to New Life Fellowship

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