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  • The Poway Synagogue Shooting – We Should All be Surprised by the Surprise May 13, 2019
    Another shooting in a house of worship. This time by a white, churchgoing young man named John Earnest at the Poway synagogue in San Diego. Earnest tragically killed one person and wounded the rabbi and a few other worshippers. When… The post The Poway Synagogue Shooting – We Should All be Surprised by the Surprise […]
  • Midterm Elections: Let Us Pray November 5, 2018
    Two years ago, the United States entered into a new season marked by hostility, vitriol, and division fueled by political antagonisms. Countless churches across this country have experienced inner tensions, social media blow-ups, active and passive-aggressiveness which has regularly called… The post Midterm Elections: Let Us Pray appeared first on Missio Alliance.

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  • How Jesus Dealt with Leadership Anxiety – EH Leader Podcast September 17, 2019
    It has been said that all of life is one person handing off their anxiety to another. There are few places this applies more clearly than in leadership. After the mass defection of thousands of disciples, Jesus withdraws to the despised, “un-strategic” region of Galilee to continue his ministry. His brothers arrive, apparently frantic with […]
  • 7 Marks of an Emotionally Healthy Wedding – EH Leader Podcast September 10, 2019
    On August 17th of this year, our daughter, Faith, was married to Brett, a wonderful young man from Australia. They were married here in the New Jersey which meant we were hosting an international wedding with 20-25 guests coming from the other side of the world. As a result, a one-day wedding grew into a […]



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