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  • The Need for Deeply Formed Pastors September 16, 2020
    In 1944, a young, German pastor writing from prison and nearing the end of his life asked a simple question that countless people have returned to time and time again. In his correspondence with his friends, he had been wrestling… The post The Need for Deeply Formed Pastors appeared first on Missio Alliance.
  • Free-ish: the Here-but-Not-Yet Reality of Racial Justice June 26, 2020
    On Juneteenth 2020, there was a collective sense of celebration among Black and Brown people on my social media feed. To celebrate—while in this moment of social and political unrest—is textbook Black subversion against the powers. Joy is one of… The post Free-ish: the Here-but-Not-Yet Reality of Racial Justice appeared first on Missio Alliance.
  • A Prayer of Lament for These Troubled Times June 9, 2020
    (Editor’s Note: Our regular contributor Rich Villodas offered the prayer of lament below in front of the Queens Criminal Courthouse in New York City this past Saturday, prior to a two-mile protest march. We are grateful that he has allowed… The post A Prayer of Lament for These Troubled Times appeared first on Missio Alliance.

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  • Embrace God’s Gift of Limits | Pt. 4 [Book Launch Podcast Series] April 13, 2021
    The world tells you to break through all of your limitations. But this thinking can be extremely destructive. Here’s why… God created you to live within limits. Both for your own well-being and to be reminded that you are not God. When we choose to ignore our limits, we hurt ourselves and others. John the […]
  • Follow the Crucified, Not the Americanized, Jesus | Pt. 3 [Book Launch Podcast Series] April 6, 2021
    Today, we continue our special book launch podcast series by addressing one of the most difficult paradigm shifts for those of us who live in the west. To Americanize Jesus is to follow him because he makes my life better and more enjoyable. This influence drives us to be popular, be great, be successful, and […]
  • Part 2 | Be Before YouDo | Emotionally Healthy Discipleship [BOOK LAUNCH SERIES] March 30, 2021
    Today, we celebrate the release of the long-anticipated book, Emotionally Healthy Discipleship! We’ve already received tremendous feedback from leaders all around the world and we look forward to hearing how the book resonates with you as well! In today’s podcast, I continue with the second part of our journey through the core principles of the book. […]



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