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  • The Need for Deeply Formed Pastors September 16, 2020
    In 1944, a young, German pastor writing from prison and nearing the end of his life asked a simple question that countless people have returned to time and time again. In his correspondence with his friends, he had been wrestling… The post The Need for Deeply Formed Pastors appeared first on Missio Alliance.
  • Free-ish: the Here-but-Not-Yet Reality of Racial Justice June 26, 2020
    On Juneteenth 2020, there was a collective sense of celebration among Black and Brown people on my social media feed. To celebrate—while in this moment of social and political unrest—is textbook Black subversion against the powers. Joy is one of… The post Free-ish: the Here-but-Not-Yet Reality of Racial Justice appeared first on Missio Alliance.
  • A Prayer of Lament for These Troubled Times June 9, 2020
    (Editor’s Note: Our regular contributor Rich Villodas offered the prayer of lament below in front of the Queens Criminal Courthouse in New York City this past Saturday, prior to a two-mile protest march. We are grateful that he has allowed… The post A Prayer of Lament for These Troubled Times appeared first on Missio Alliance.

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  • 4 Temptations We Must Reject in Western Christianity July 20, 2021
    I want to share something with you that I believe is timely… As a leader, you MUST be aware of the forces coming at you from our western culture. Specifically, there are 4 great temptations you face, each with the potential to sabotage your life and ministry. Every day, leaders are taking the bait. But […]
  • A New Leadership Scorecard for Success July 13, 2021
    As a leader, you want a surefire way to know if you are making a difference. But this last year, all normal measurements went out the window. It has been nearly impossible to measure the true impact of our ministries. While counting attendance, online views, and dollars is important, these metrics don’t always tell us […]
  • [LEADERSHIP CASE STUDIES] How to Change a Deeply Ingrained Culture  July 6, 2021
    Culture-making is one of the primary responsibilities of leaders. But changing an existing culture is no easy task. Every family, church, denomination, and nation comes with a deeply ingrained culture that must be addressed head on, in order to create lasting change. In today’s episode, I come at this complex issue by sharing real leadership case studies. […]



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