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We are blessed to have an amazing team and consider it a privilege to serve as part-time or full-time staff.  We are regularly seeking individuals to help us fulfill our mission and advance the Kingdom of God.



Our Leadership Culture

We strive to create a staff culture of fun, autonomy, and integrity, where people have the freedom to experiment, make mistakes, learn, and grow in both their inner life (their journey with God) and their outer life (their skills and role in the organization). In addition to the 5 Ms, our staff embraces these 5 leadership values:

Deep Personal Formation

Demonstrated by…

  • Intentionally ordering our lives under our Rule of Life/Pastoral Rule of Life.
  • Seeing and living out the connection between our personal formation and our work performance (soul and role).
  • Leading out of our marriage or singleness.
  • Choosing to be a life-long learner, developing our area of leadership.

Emotional Health

Demonstrated by…

  • A growing fluency in Emotionally Healthy language, skills, practices, and concepts.
  • Listening well, seeking first to understand before being understood.
  • Speaking clearly, directly, honestly, respectfully, and in a timely manner.
  • Consistently clarifying expectations. 

Healthy Team Unity

Demonstrated by…

  • Supporting each other by acting for the good of our whole church with the fulfillment of our mission in mind, no matter what our position.
  • Speaking up about elephants in the room.
  • Celebrating, appreciating, and spotlighting other ministries.
  • Respectfully approaching people about concerns and puzzling issues.

Prudent Leadership

Demonstrated by…

  • Taking the time to offer high-quality work in all that we do (teaching, design, counseling, communications).
  • Taking initiative to solve problems that we see.
  • Regularly mobilizing others to serve and lead within our community.
  • Taking responsibility for our decisions and actions and learning from our mistakes.

Cultivation of Joy

Demonstrated by…

  • Autonomy: Empowering others and trusting them to make important decisions on behalf of the organization. Giving others the freedom to fail and make mistakes.
  • Mastery: Working to create an environment where everyone can grow in their gifts and skills and thrive at the very top of their potential.
  • Purpose: Dreaming big–dreaming God’s dreams for our community–and empowering others to do the same.
  • Fun: Creating fun, loose, and celebratory environments.


Excited about joining our team?

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Part-Time Environment Setup Associate

Do you enjoy creating hospitable places for people to connect and grow, as if you were welcoming them into own home? Do you like working in a team with a common goal and purpose? Do our mission, values, and culture resonate with you? We’re looking for an Environment Setup Associate for our team to provide excellent support for events while also fostering a environment of service and fun. Our Environment Setup team sets up, tears down, and cleans up after events organized by New Life staff and volunteers.

Your role would be to:

  1. Work with your team of staff and volunteers in a way that fosters a spirit of fun, hospitality, service, and excellence.
  2. Work with event organizers to understand their needs and your team to complete weekday and weekend setups for regularly scheduled and special events at New Life – setting up tables, chairs, coffee & water dispensers, A/V equipment, and so on – and monitor events to make sure that their organizers have everything they need.
  3. Participate in managing the operations of the team, in everything from budgeting to hiring to inventorying and reordering supplies. It’s not necessary for you to have prior experience in all of these areas – we’ll provide coaching where needed.
  4. Perform general maintenance duties, such as resetting of rooms used for events, trash removal, and cleaning of floors, furniture, and kitchen items.

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Full-Time Front Desk Attendant

Do you enjoy serving others by helping them feel safe and welcome, answering their questions and addressing confusion and conflict? Are administrative tasks a blast for you? Do you like working in a team with a common goal and purpose? Do our mission, values, and culture resonate with you? We’re looking for a Front Desk Attendant to join our staff team and help us foster an environment of service, hospitality, warmth, and fun.

Your role would be to:

  1. Field questions and answer incoming phone calls from people in our community, church members, staff, vendors, and others.
  2. Maintain our building’s security by monitoring our camera system, handling emergencies (e.g. fire, medical, and police) and other incidents, and filing reports.
  3. Coordinate deliveries with vendors and staff and process incoming and outgoing mail. You’ll need to do some heavy lifting (at least 35 lbs.) occasionally.
  4. Maintain our office environment by providing our copiers with regular care and feeding (ordering and recycling toners and other replacement items, clearing paper jams, etc.) and by taking inventory of, purchasing, and managing the budget for office equipment and supplies.
  5. Coordinate work schedules with the rest of the front desk team to ensure that the front desk is covered at all times while our building is open.
  6. Recruit and schedule a small team of Sunday parking lot staff and volunteers.
  7. Work with the front desk team on ad hoc projects for other staff – things like printing our weekly bulletins, preparing seasonal mailings, and organizing our monthly logs and lost and found items.‍

Learn more – View/Download Job Posting

Imagination Rocket Student Summer Program Facilitators

Imagination Rocket is hiring full-time facilitators to work with its students (grades 1 – 8) in partnership with the rest of the program’s staff team and parents. Agile Learning Facilitators act as models and mentors of self-directed living and intentional culture creation. Above all, facilitators need to be grounded in the perspective of trusting children, partnership-based relationships, and personal responsibility.

This is the perfect role for you if…

  1. You are a passionate, curious, and joyful person with a variety of interests and abilities that you will enjoy sharing with young people through Offerings made at our Set-the-Week meeting and through spontaneous, self-organized activities.
  2. You have experience cultivating authentic, respectful, and partnership-based relationships with people of all ages and will take great joy in leading a Launchpad (small group of mixed-aged students) that meets each day to connect, set intentions, and reflect together.
  3. You are excited to practice the art of facilitation – “maximum support with minimal interference” – in the context of working with young people.
  4. You understand and are aligned with the basic principles of Self-Directed Education.
  5. You are comfortable adapting to changing circumstances, not always having the answer, navigating interpersonal relationships, coordinating logistics, and communicating effectively in multiple forms.
  6. You are, yourself, self-directed: you don’t need to be told what to do in order to be productive in your role; you can notice what needs to be done and take action, while communicating effectively with team members along the way.
  7. BONUS: You are excited to develop a long-term role as an Agile Learning Facilitator.
  8. BONUS: You can speak multiple languages.

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New Life CDC Success Groups Grant Writer

The primary role of the Grant Writer is to secure grant funding for Success Groups project expenses. The secondary role is to assist the Executive Director in strengthening the marketing and fundraising models of the Success Groups project.  The New Life CDC Success Groups (SG) project empowers families to rise out of poverty while leveraging the power of community. It is based on the Family Independence Initiative (FII) model of economic mobility found in 7 U.S. cities. Success Groups launched in NYC in 2016 and is proving to be a responsible and sustainable model for the empowerment of low-income families in urban settings. The project is data-driven, community-oriented and financially efficient.  This role could be a part-time or full-time position.

Your responsibilities would be to:

  1. Perform required research to establish and/or grow relationships with foundations or government agencies interested in funding the Success Groups model
  2. Get familiar with SG model; write and submit grants to cover project expenses
  3. Provide weekly report of progress and priorities
  4. As required, attend cohort meetings and interview Success Groups members
  5. Create awareness of SG model through electronic, print or social media
  6. Establish/grow individual or business donor relationships to fund resource hub or family sponsorships
  7. Other tasks required to fulfill responsibilities

Learn more – View/Download Job Posting

New Life CDC Success Groups Liaison

Success Groups is a project based on a model found in 7 other U.S. Cities and initiated by the Family Independence Initiative. The Success Groups project releases funding to individuals and families as a means of empowering them to overcome financial and professional challenges. The Success Groups Liason serves as the New Life CDC staff representative to the Success Groups families.

This position is part-time employment at 8 to 15 hours per week. Training is provided.

Your responsibilities would be to:

1. Success Groups staff MUST refrain from instructing families on how to plan for or achieve goals (financial, educational, health, etc.). Violation of this requirement is possible grounds for termination.
2. Lead/ execute info sessions until the desired number of cohorts is formed.
3. Attend cohort meetings in order to take detailed notes.
4. Perform quarterly audits to ensure correct data and capture goals of cohort members.
5. Be well versed in Success Groups/ FII technology especially journaling and analytics.
6. Be well versed in Resource Hub processes.
7. Other tasks required to fulfill responsibilities.

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New Life CDC Director of Booster Club After-school Program

The Director will execute mission and vision of our New Life Community Development Center’s (New Life CDC) Booster Club After-school program.

Employment is 20-25 hours per week.

Your responsibilities would be to:

1. Grow student enrollment from 18 to 25 students while maintaining quality programming.
2. Lead marketing effort at local schools including PS102 and PS7.
3. Set up monthly curriculum for whole school year.
4. Oversee inventory/procurement of supplies and materials required for program.
5. Recruit, train, manage staff of paid staff and volunteers to ensure quality programming.
6. Organize student information: applications, report cards, etc.
7. Lead day-to-day/ weekly operations: pick up at schools, set-up and break down of space, circle
time, homework help, instructional time, dismissal.
8. Ensure proper processing of payments and management of program budget.
9. Keep parents informed of relevant program information.
10. Assist Executive Director in fundraising efforts.
11. May be required to attend New Life CDC program head meetings and NLF staff meetings.

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Leadership Residencies (Full-Time and Part-Time)

Our Leadership Residencies provide opportunities for personal spiritual formation and leadership development. The end goal is to train and develop emerging “5 Ms” leaders in soul and role, through our formation pathway (connect. grow. serve), and to release them to steward their life and gifts at New Life. The residencies are designed to give participants local church ministry experience, as well as a glimpse into a life in vocational ministry. Participants will gain valuable experience while working alongside New Life staff members.

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