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We strive to create a culture on our staff team of fun, autonomy, and integrity, where people have the freedom to experiment, make mistakes, learn, and grow in both their inner life (their journey with God) and their outer life (their skills and role in the organization).

Environment Setup Associate

Part-Time Position


Do you enjoy creating hospitable places for people to connect and grow, as if you were welcoming them into own home? Do you like working in a team with a common goal and purpose? Do our mission, values, and culture resonate with you? We’re looking for an Environment Setup Associate for our team to provide excellent support for events while also fostering a environment of service and fun. Our Environment Setup team sets up, tears down, and cleans up after events organized by New Life staff and volunteers.

Your role would be to:

1. Work with your team of staff and volunteers in a way that fosters a spirit of fun, hospitality, service, and excellence.

2. Work with event organizers to understand their needs and your team to complete weekday and weekend setups for regularly scheduled and special events at New Life - setting up tables, chairs, coffee & water dispensers, A/V equipment, and so on - and monitor events to make sure that their organizers have everything they need.

3. Participate in managing the operations of the team, in everything from budgeting to hiring to inventorying and reordering supplies. It’s not necessary for you to have prior experience in all of these areas - we’ll provide coaching where needed.

4. Perform general maintenance duties, such as resetting of rooms used for events, trash removal, and cleaning of floors, furniture, and kitchen items.

This role may be an especially good fit for you if you:

1. Are detail-oriented: There are a lot of setup details to keep track of - we typically run about 30 events each month that require setup!

2. Enjoy working a dynamic schedule: Event setup needs will vary from week to week depending on the church calendar.

3. Enjoy recruiting and working with volunteers

4. Can handle activities that involve lifting up to 50 lbs of weight, stooping, crouching, kneeling, sustained periods of time on foot, and repetitive motion of the wrists, hands and fingers.

5. Like to troubleshoot and solve problems on the fly

Part-Time Position: ​It will require an average of 20 hours/week - this will vary from week to week and will include weekends, as we run events throughout the week. You would report to our Director of Administration.

Compensation:​ Annual salary of $12,000 - 14,000.

Benefits: ​Paid vacation time and personal silent retreats (we call them Days Alone With God). 

If this description matches your skill set and gets your blood pumping, we’d love to hear from you. Please send your resume and a cover letter to​.

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Front Desk Attendant

Full-Time Position


Do you enjoy creating hospitable places for people to connect and grow, as if you were welcoming them into own home? Do you like working in a team with a common goal and purpose? Do our mission, values, and culture resonate with you? We’re looking for a Front Desk Attendant for our team to provide excellent support for events while also fostering a environment of service and fun. Our Environment Setup team sets up, tears down, and cleans up after events organized by New Life staff and volunteers.

Your role would be to:

  1. Field questions and answer incoming phone calls from people in our community, church members, staff, vendors, and others.
  2. Maintain our building’s security by monitoring our camera system, handling emergencies (e.g. fire, medical, and police) and other incidents, and filing reports.
  3. Coordinate deliveries with vendors and staff and process incoming and outgoing mail. You’ll need to do some heavy lifting (at least 35 lbs.) occasionally.
  4. Maintain our office environment by providing our copiers with regular care and feeding (ordering and recycling toners and other replacement items, clearing paper jams, etc.) and by taking inventory of, purchasing, and managing the budget for office equipment and supplies.
  5. Coordinate work schedules with the rest of the front desk team to ensure that the front desk is covered at all times while our building is open.
  6. Work with the front desk team on ad hoc projects for other staff - things like printing our weekly bulletins, preparing seasonal mailings, and organizing our monthly logs and lost and found items.

This role may be an especially good fit for you if you:

  1. Enjoy working and communicating with a wide range of people, in person and on the phone, with a professional and helpful attitude. 
  2. Enjoy troubleshooting and solving problems on the fly, defusing interpersonal conflicts and de-escalating tense situations with kindness, firmness, and a smile. 
  3. Have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office and other productivity apps, and enjoy learning and working with new computer systems. 
  4. Are an independent worker who is comfortable taking responsibility, making significant decisions, and following through on administrative tasks proactively, with minimal supervision.
  5. Enjoy organizing and executing on a variety of tasks with competing priorities.

Full-Time Position: ​It will require an average of 40 hours/week, though this may vary a bit from week to week. If you can only work part-time, we will still consider you for this role, though we’d prefer to hire someone full-time. You would report to our Front Desk Operations Manager. 

Schedule: ​You would be working mostly on Sundays and during the daytime on weekdays, with occasional evening and Saturday shifts. 

Compensation:​ Annual salary of $23,000 - 28,000. Benefits: ​Health insurance, matching retirement contributions, paid vacation time, and personal silent retreats (we call them Days Alone With God).

If this description matches your skill set and gets your blood pumping, we’d love to hear from you. Please send your resume and a cover letter to

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Part-Time Position


Are you constantly learning and tinkering with new technologies, whether on or off the job? Do you love researching and improving Audio/Visual (AV) and IT systems in organizations? Do you value network and server uptime and high-quality audio and video? Do you get excited about working with others in these areas and galvanizing team spirit to tackle projects and see results? We are looking for someone who will take the lead in our tech area, which includes both AV (sound, video, projection, lighting, and related equipment for our Sunday Services and events) and IT (providing support to our users and maintaining our network & server infrastructure). We need someone to give excellent leadership to an area that’s growing at a fast pace as we strive to improve our tech experience across the board

Your role would be to:

  1. Recruit and lead your team of tech volunteers in a way that fosters a spirit of service, commitment, community, and creativity, empowering team members to make significant decisions and take action rather than doing everything yourself.
  2. Maintain, document, grow, and make strategic improvements to the network, server, AV, and phone infrastructures in our building, as well as the cloud services we utilize, as our needs evolve over time.
  3. Work alongside our Worship Pastor to support the rest of our worship team. Schedule sound and video volunteers for Sunday services and other New Life events as requested. Manage our live stream on our website and Facebook Live account.
  4. Provide staff with technical support for their computers, and provide both staff and volunteers support and implementation coaching for key software tools, such as our church management and printing accounting systems.
  5. Provide staff with assistance in complying with IT standards (e.g. PCI-DSS) and best practices; triage and respond to IT outages and security incidents when they arise. 
  6. Manage our tech vendor relationships, such as with our Internet service provider, evaluating, updating, renewing, and terminating contracts as appropriate. 
  7. Purchase and maintain IT and AV hardware and software and manage the budget for the tech area, in conjunction with our Worship Pastor and administration team

This role may be an especially good fit for you if you:

  1. Have technology on the brain and love working with the intricate details of complex technical systems.
  2. Understand the importance of high quality AV and its contribution to a successful event. 
  3. Enjoy recruiting and leading a team of volunteers - developing relationships with them, celebrating their successes, and coaching them through their challenges. 
  4. Love working creatively within constraints to serve the needs of our ministry teams! We want someone who is willing to get their hands dirty and think outside the box given our limited space and resources. 
  5. Enjoy the challenge of solving urgent problems quickly when they arise, and performing necessary maintenance on systems while still providing maximum uptime. 
  6. Like juggling a range of long-term strategic projects, balancing them against urgent, short-term needs.

Full-Time Position: ​This position will require an average of 40 hours/week. You’ll report to our Director of Administration.

Schedule: ​You’ll need to work on Sundays (8am - 2:30pm) and during our Thursday night worship rehearsals (7pm - 9:30pm). Other hours are flexible, though you’ll need to be available to address IT emergencies (e.g. network and server outages) during times you hadn’t planned to work, and may need to schedule some work (e.g. server maintenance) for off-peak times.

Compensation:​ Annual salary of $40,000 - $50,000. Benefits: ​Health insurance, matching retirement contributions, paid vacation time, and personal silent retreats (we call them Days Alone With God)

If this description matches your skill set and gets your blood pumping, we’d love to hear from you. Please send your resume and a cover letter to​​.

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New Life CDC Success Groups Grant Writer

Part-Time Position


The New Life CDC Success Groups (SG) project empowers families to rise out of poverty while leveraging the power of community. It is based on the Family Independence Initiative (FII) model of economic mobility found in 7 U.S. cities. Success Groups launched in NYC in 2016 and is proving to be a responsible and sustainable model for the empowerment of low-income families in urban settings. The project is data-driven, community-oriented and financially efficient.


Job Title: Success Groups Grant Writer (part-time or full-time)

1st Level of Accountability: Executive Director


The primary role of the Grant Writer is to secure grant funding for Success Groups project expenses. The secondary role is to assist the Executive Director in strengthening the marketing and fundraising models of the Success Groups project


  • Committed to the vision/ values of FII and New Life CDC (
  • Experienced in leading within a multi-racial, urban context w/ varied socio-economic demographics
  • Attention to detail is a must; able to multi-task but remain focused on key outcomes
  • Excellent speaking and writing skills
  • 2-3 years experience in grant and proposal writing for a budget of $75,000 or greater
  • 2-3 years experience in marketing/ fundraising environment
  • Must be very familiar and comfortable with web-based technology


  1. Perform required research to establish and/or grow relationships with foundations or government agencies interested in funding the Success Groups model
  2. Get familiar with SG model; write and submit grants to cover project expenses
  3. Provide weekly report of progress and priorities
  4. As required, attend cohort meetings and interview Success Groups members
  5. Create awareness of SG model through electronic, print or social media
  6. Establish/grow individual or business donor relationships to fund resource hub or family sponsorships
  7. Other tasks required to fulfill responsibilities

Outcomes for first 6 months in order of priority (full-time assumed):

  1. Identify 8 to 10 potential foundation or government partners
  2. Write 2 to 3 grant proposals
  3. Perform 3 to 4 in-person presentations to new/potential private individual or businesses partners to fund project expenses or family sponsorships
  4. Perform one weekly social media posting of pertinent content


For inquiries, email cover letter and resume to​.

Download PDF of Job Description

Leadership Residency Program

The New Life Fellowship Leadership Residency provides opportunities where you will receive personal spiritual formation, and leadership development, to lead people to a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The end goal of the program is to train and develop “emerging 5M leaders” in soul and role, through our formation pathway (connect. grow. serve), and release them to steward their life and gifts in one of the New Life congregations.

The New Life Leadership Residency is designed to give participants local church ministry experience, as well as a glimpse into the life of someone in vocational ministry. Participants will gain valuable experience while working alongside New Life staff members.

If you are interested, download an application and email your completed application and supporting materials to
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