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  • What does Jesus have to say to Kaepernick? August 30, 2016
      What does Jesus have to say about Kaepernick? What does he have to say about challenging the sacred cows and symbols of his day? Let’s examine something in light of #Kaepernick. Think about this. Why did Jesus consistently heal on the Sabbath? He could have healed on a Tuesday. He could have given sight […]
  • A simple Mother’s Day guide for pastors May 7, 2016
    Mother’s Day is a complex thing. At New Life we try to embrace the tension by offering words like these (below). As a pastor I’ve had my share of conversations with women who struggle on this day. If you’re a pastor, being aware of this tension is very important. Here’s some words we generally offer […]

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  • Why Church History Matters for Discipleship Today November 15, 2017
    I love our evangelical stream in Christian history and would not be here writing or leading without it. Yet our emphasis on activity, now joined by the speed of change around us, has resulted in Christ-followers and churches without much depth. We need to learn about slowing down for loving union with Christ in a […]
  • Why Do So Many Leaders Finish Poorly? – EH Leader Podcast November 7, 2017
    70% of the leaders in the Bible did not finish well. Many contemporary leaders don’t finish well either. The question is why? I begin this podcast by looking at Saul, the first king of Israel. He is charismatic, gifted, and intelligent. He is a leader of tens of thousands. However, his walk with God gradually […]



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