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  • Advent: Four Elements of “Wait Training” November 30, 2017
    There’s nothing that unites us in the experience of being human quite like waiting. No matter our age, our education, our accomplishments, or time spent following Jesus, we will have to wait. This is why the Advent season is necessary…
  • What Does Jesus Say to the #TakeAknee Issue? September 25, 2017
    The football season has begun and just a few weeks in, it is layered with controversy and drama. Much of the controversy has been fueled by recent comments from the President. In a speech to a crowd in Alabama, the…

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  • Church History Matters to Your Leadership – EH Leader Podcast January 18, 2018
    Can we make biblical, deeply changed disciples of Jesus without learning from the successes and failures of our church family over the last 2,000 years – and from the global church today? The answer to both those questions, I believe, is no. Unfortunately, many of us have a limited, often mistaken understanding of how the […]
  • What Voice Drives Your Leadership? January 11, 2018
    Henri Nouwen, towards the end of his life, articulated a core struggle for every leader. He described the two different voices that come to each of us. One voice constantly pushes us to succeed and achieve, and comes from below. It was the voice he spent most of his life heeding. It led him to […]




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