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  • The Poway Synagogue Shooting – We Should All be Surprised by the Surprise May 13, 2019
    Another shooting in a house of worship. This time by a white, churchgoing young man named John Earnest at the Poway synagogue in San Diego. Earnest tragically killed one person and wounded the rabbi and a few other worshippers. When… The post The Poway Synagogue Shooting – We Should All be Surprised by the Surprise […]
  • Midterm Elections: Let Us Pray November 5, 2018
    Two years ago, the United States entered into a new season marked by hostility, vitriol, and division fueled by political antagonisms. Countless churches across this country have experienced inner tensions, social media blow-ups, active and passive-aggressiveness which has regularly called… The post Midterm Elections: Let Us Pray appeared first on Missio Alliance.

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  • What will you do with the treasure of your life? – EH Leader Podcast August 20, 2019
     “We must not give to others what we have received for ourselves; nor must we keep for ourselves that which we have received to spend on others. You fall into the latter error, if you possess the gift of eloquence or wisdom, and yet—through fear or sloth or false humility—neglect to use the gift […]
  • The 7 Saddest Words in the New Testament – EH Leader Podcast August 13, 2019
    Being a disciple is an on-going shaping and molding by God. It can certainly be hard, slow and even frustrating sometimes. In this podcast based on a recent sermon, Pete shares how Jesus wants us to “stick with Him,” allowing Him to radically transform and reorient our lives. – EHD Team P.S. Check out Pete’s […]



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