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  • Midterm Elections: Let Us Pray November 5, 2018
    Two years ago, the United States entered into a new season marked by hostility, vitriol, and division fueled by political antagonisms. Countless churches across this country have experienced inner tensions, social media blow-ups, active and passive-aggressiveness which has regularly called… The post Midterm Elections: Let Us Pray appeared first on Missio Alliance.
  • 7 Questions All Pastors Need to Ask Themselves Post-Hybels August 13, 2018
    In the face of tragic stories and historic collapses of institutions and powerful leaders, the first impulse we have is to look outward to locate blame and offer judgment. I recognize this impulse in me, especially after the great fall… The post 7 Questions All Pastors Need to Ask Themselves Post-Hybels appeared first on Missio […]

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  • Becoming a Mustard Seed December 4, 2018
    Prior to stepping down as Lead Pastor of New Life Fellowship Church, I wondered: “What are the essence of the seeds I have planted? What are the seeds I pray the church cherishes, waters, and grasps more deeply in the years to come?” Among the seeds were this – God’s ways are little and slow, […]
  • Staying Grounded in the High Stakes of Leadership: Part 2 November 27, 2018
    We need to stay grounded in Jesus, not only for his name sake, but for the world, for those we lead, for our family, and for ourselves. What we do matters; who we are matters even more. This podcast returns to Matthew 4:1-11, looking at Jesus as our model of embracing his limits in order […]



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